On this page I hope to share some useful bits of code and software I've put together. Up until now I haven't really made anything with the purpose of sharing it (I'm terrible, I know!) so I'm currently in the process of modularizing things to share. I hope something here is of use to you, and happy coding!

Android Charts

Android Charts is a simple library that provides different charting capabilities for use in Android applications. Currently it only supports pie charts and line graphs, but I'm hoping to expand it to bar charts and perhaps even venn diagrams.

Is This Admissible?

Is This Admissible? is an Android™ app that attempts to capture the major contours of the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Confrontation Clause into a series of yes / no questions. When opening the app you are initially presented with the Preliminaries screen. You can switch to other areas of evidence such as Character Evidence and Hearsay by opening the left drawer--either slide it open with your finger or press the button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This app should not be used in the provision of legal advice and is only for educational purposes.

Remove BOM

Remove BOM is a simple Windows application for removing UTF8/16/32 (both little and big-endian for UTF16/32) Byte Order Marks (BOMs) from files. The utility is 'stupid' in the sense that it assumes you have given it a file with a BOM. To use it, simply drag and drop any file into the list box and click the Remove BOM(s) button. It's that simple!