Is This Admissible?

Is This Admissible? is an Android™ app that attempts to capture the major contours of the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Confrontation Clause into a series of yes / no questions. When opening the app you are initially presented with the Preliminaries screen. You can switch to other areas of evidence such as Character Evidence and Hearsay by opening the left drawer--either slide it open with your finger or press the button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This app should not be used in the provision of legal advice and is only for educational purposes.


You start off in the Preliminaries section. I suggest you answer these questions first. You should then proceed to the other sections to find out whether it may be possible to get the evidence in under any other exceptions or exemptions. To get to the other pages you drag out the side drawer by either placing your finger on the left side of the screen and dragging to the right or simply pressing the 'hamburger' button at the top left of the screen. Each page has a red floating button at the bottom that clears only that page to let you rerun the questions. On the side menu you can press the Clear All button to clear all pages. When you receive an answer for the given page, the icon beside that section in the drawer turn from a grey dot in a black circle (incomplete) to a black dot in a black circle (complete). That's pretty much it!

Please note that you shouldn't rely on the results given by this app in the provision of legal advice. This app cannot substitute for an in-depth look at the complicated web of rules that is the Federal Rules of Evidence. By using this application you agree 1) that you will not use or rely on this application for the provision of legal advice; 2) that the creator of this application has no liability for any consequences of any reliance whatsoever; and 3) that if you DO rely on this, you are an idiot.