to Mother

But didn’t you say
in a tearful voice as you hung your head

That you couldn’t go on living if
You are not able to lie

I think you want to be loved so
no matter the pain
you were smiling; ah ah

Sadness is something
I can endure if I am alone but

Kindness is cruel, isn’t it?

It causes us to lose our composure

I want to be together forever but
every day things I don’t like about you pile on

We’re similar people, aren’t we?
I also feel like you understand

When the day comes that
I have found someone to love,

I wonder if things will be different; ah ah

Happiness is
something that doesn’t
sparkle like magic but

Hatred is
just a trivial disagreement, right?
Don’t cry

It’s only fate,
I can change it I said
and rushed out of the house and cried into the night

On the bench of an empty park
I waited for you to come for me

When we cuddle up close and
somehow I feel warm

If it’s by our side
we suddenly depend on it

I’m happy.

You were here