I know

Your hard breathing is trembling, Seeing the sky in a flurry
There’s no place for you to calm down, your voice is hoarse and your heart has withered
Your voice crying out resounding, yeah! got you buddy

I know I know You’re in the middle of conflict
I know I know Your small body trembling...

I beg you, please don’t cry, my cute little boy
You get swept up in it all, although without sin, although without weapons
Without a place to return to you hide in the night, yeah! got you buddy

I know I know As you roam about
I know I know Towards the dried up oasis in my heart, alone with your single hope

I know I know Overcome the night
And let’s start running in this space unfolding right in front of our eyes

Form your dream just before you fall asleep
A world of love...
Your dream...