Kono Koi ha mou Shimatteshimaou
(Let's lay this love to rest already)
Hitomi Yaida

The last kiss I received from you
was bittersweet and tasted like when we first met

I miss those behaviors I should have hated
Now I spend my days alone just remembering

Let's lay this love to rest already
There wasn’t even a start
so there was nothing
Your voice and your arms
We never even made a promise
so nothing will change

I’ve told myself many times over that this is fine
In the living room that 70’s Rock you forgot here spills from the speakers

Let's lay this love to rest already
I didn’t even see us to eternity
so there was also no end
Your lies and your habits
There was not even a thing I believed
so everything was right

Everyone is alone from the start
I’ve just returned to that start
I can be genuinely kind towards you too
I feel like I’ve finally become forthright

Let's lay this love to rest already
I received your warmth and time
Even if for just the long nights on which it seemed like I was going to freeze
Even more than the sadness and pain
I thought of only you
so everything was right

The final kiss...