Hitomi Yaida

As I become more prudent my instincts wear down
The encouragement of others also starts to become distorted and vanish

The unclosing door of loneliness faces towards me
It’s smiling and saying I should give it up

This mask clings to me as if to say don’t expose your weakness while trying to protect yourself
showing weakness requires being good at strategy

Although I expect we’re looking at the same sky, this cold distance feels like we’ll never meet again
When it becomes evening, this sub-zero wound aches
Rather it would be great if my memories are all washed away

Love for humanity flows from inside the CRT
Unseen knives as numerous as flowers are gathered together
The virtual image appearing as reality ties on a beautiful ribbon
It’s smiling, saying destroy it all

From the cracks in the clouds thin rays of light dimly spill through
Someone, rescue this heart of mine

Although I expect we’re looking at the same sky, our resignation is sealed in the unsympathetic distance
When it becomes morning the tranquility that I thought was within grasp will be ruined
Rather it would be great if the warmth of body today is snatched away

I want to meet you; I can’t return back to when I didn’t know anything with my pure white voice
Don’t peek at me, I can’t backtrack

How much did I stretch out my arms, unable to fill in the sorrowful distance
Who on earth was the one who soiled the moon, with hopes casted away
The lies frozen on it won’t peel off; 1, 2, and 3, let’s go play
Let’s make a different future with the tears I cried