Shinya no Rajio (Late Night Radio)

My phone not ringing is just how it is all the time but
I don’t want to have such lonely feelings like this every day

Why are you carrying that cellphone on you all the time
even though you don’t give me a call

I’m awake tonight as well
I’m waiting for your call as I listen to the late night radio shows

Even the personalities on the late night radio shows
won’t spread the magic of love for me, hey why’s that so?

On your phone's called history there are the names of girls I don’t know
That kind of baseless grief comes sprouting out, all because of you
I seem so stupid all alone

Hey, “what a brave woman”
Catch all of these miserable feelings I have
with your arms
The sun raises although your phone call
is what I kept waiting for
I seem like a fool, right

What are you doing today? What’re you doing now? Tell me
I’m thinking today too
about you, about when you’ll contact me

But I don’t think it’s a waste of time
I like the time I spend waiting for you
But please don’t come to understand this feeling of mine
Surely you’re sound asleep, I seem like a fool, right