Ryosangata Kareshi
(Mass-Produced Boyfriend)

Your boyfriend looks a little, just a little, like me
Our hair and voice and such are pretty much the same

Wouldn’t I be alright too?
Rather, wouldn’t I be better?
But who gives a damn about it

I wonder why I’m no good
Honestly I don’t want to hear the reason
The fact you picked that guy
means surely you’ve got a reason but
I just want to hear your voice

I wish he’d be some two-timing scoundrel
But anyhow, it seems like there’s no way that’s true, it’s got me troubled

If he was a terrible guy I’d
give him a beating and never let him be with you again but

Somehow I’m in a really wretched mood
That guy and me are similar in some respects but
There’s no love for me to impose between those two, I know that but
It’s vexing, it’s sorrowful, it’s miserable

Really I’m thinking I want to try throwing you into disorder
From your point of view it’d be an annoyance in the extreme but...
In truth, it’s so simple, I want you to see me
It’s just that
I’ve gotten a bit roundabout...

I know that it can’t be me
How kind that guy is
That’s something I don’t understand but
There’s a world that only you two know
There’s no space for me to impose in that world, I already know that well enough
So, please, pretty please
Don’t show that happy face in front of me
I’m not mature, so make me forget it all