Awanaitsumori no, Genki de ne
("Take care" because you don't plan on meeting again)

I searched for our separated hearts in the hustle and bustle of the coming and going mornings
I say “it’s fine here” while waiting for a traffic light
The face I’m used to seeing; The face I won’t be able to see anymore

Like before the start of something; Like we’re not in the same world
I wonder if I can do it; I don’t want to do it; Right before losing something
It suddenly becomes reality and the words get stuck in my throat
The signal turns green, we move, and you smile and say:

“take care” because you don’t plan on meeting again
I didn’t need that final kindness

Say “goodbye” or “well, see you” and release me like cutting a string
If you’re saying “take care” because we can’t meet and you can see us together to the end
Don’t let go of my hand; it’s fine with me although we’ll be far; We can always be lonely later

Who was the one that ended it? The one who looked away first,
was stubborn, and took it so seriously was me

Suddenly love wins and I finally vocalize the words
Before the signal turns red I called out your name

“take care” because you don’t plan on meeting again
I loved that kindness of yours

Before that I should have said “I’m sorry”..

“take care” because we can’t meet and “take care” because I’m starting to not notice anything
You taught me something more important than
those words “goodbye” and “well, see you”

Sorry I didn’t understand until making you say “take care” because you don’t plan on meeting again
Right before the flashing signal turned red, you turned around
waved your hand and said with another smile: “take care”