Sorosoro Ikanakucha (I've got to head out soon)
Takuya Ōhashi

I’ve become somewhat indifferent; in the morning I shirked and stayed in
When I gave my transparent excuses I felt unnecessarily depressed
The bag of potato chips my girlfriend ate from last night and
The beer I drank while watching TV are still there on the table...

I think these days are depressing
Many things run through my mind

“At least phone us” my family says
Although I have nothing really to talk about
My girlfriend often says “I’m so bored”
It’s almost noon; I’ve got to head out soon

When I open the door the cold air firmly takes hold of my ears
With my hand on the knob I try to take a breath
A scraggly dog passing by looks at me and laughs with a smile
My white breath appears to unnaturally coil up one by one

Once the weekend comes
I wonder if things will get a little better

“Do you love me?” my girlfriend says
I always fail to answer properly
“Don’t make such a glum face” my friends say
I have to stop sighing; I’ve got to head out soon

“Be an adult” everyone says
I have to give up on the dreams that only I see
“sorry” I say like a bad habit
I have to stop with excuses; I’ve got to head out soon