Tokyo Tawa- (Tokyo Tower)

Nothing’s going well, I’ve got my doughnut stuck in my throat
without any taste, and the signal lights get blurry

I step on a landmine of negativity and my happiness vanishes so easily
Without a single sound, tomorrow gets blurry

Nothing is useless, I know that much
But right now it all just sounds high minded, I feel filthy
That’s why I wanted to see something beautiful

I was the only woman to come alone
Without being able to rely on anyone I somehow made it here

Once I arrived at the top I was buried in the scenery of Tokyo
That’s right, this is just what I was looking for… and yet
the chocolate bar-like buildings and headlights like marbles look blurry

Tokyo Tower, from these high skies please somehow make me believe it’s all trivial
Tokyo Tower, please somehow make me more beautiful, like the night view

Countless times I’ve spun round, east, west, south and north, countless times I’ve spun round
I’ve lost to the beauty, and searched for a version of myself that can head back with a smile
But the more I look at these beautiful things the lamer I look reflected in the glass
In the end it came out unintentionally as I get close to my 40s, “dad save me”
In a small voice
I laugh, it’s humorous isn’t it, but everyone is focused on the night view and can’t hear anyone
Let the tears fall already, this night view I yearned for looks blurry

Tokyo Tower, coming here was just as beautiful as always
Tokyo Tower, the monochrome days also seek strength like a lit up landmark
Tokyo Tower, the night sky I look up to dyed scarlet is still beautiful
Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Tower, I’ll probably never forget today