Shimei (Mission)

Monday, when dream and reality change places in reality
As I get engulfed by the wave of people, I become a working adult together with the morning sun
Billboards burdened with the weight of Japan, ID Cards for each organization
Security guards mechanically saluting one by one, thorough rules for safety and information leakage

With the applause hours ago still resounding in my head, doing radio calisthenics at this company of only men, 1 2 3 4
A bit of remaining pink nail gloss shines on the nails I just removed the color from
Did I remember to take all my ear piercings out?
Ah, I forgot the scrunchie to tie my hair back
I squat down in the corner of the toilet and head off to a mere five-minute dream
The cellphone I grip onto starts shaking to return me back
My terrible face reflected in the mirror after being awoken from my precious sleep
As I draw back and brace myself with water, beep beep, my time to reset in the toilet ends

Well then, work, I’m neither a musician nor woman
Well then, work, I’m surrounded by so many guys
Well then, work, the foundation of spirit for those operating large organizations
Sleep 3 Hours Sleep 3 Hours

My pained body after work, 8pm, shall I have dinner from now? A movie? A bath?
Do you have that kind of time? After 8 I’m in a relentless dream
See you tomorrow paddy field, step on the accelerator to that parking lot that cost 3 times more
Ah, right, don’t think of anything, just move move move now
Coming and going between the paddy field and city, lately my bed has four wheels
Fluffy blanket, cleansing wash, aroma oils
Smelling of Jasmine, my cushion
I can feel a little bit at ease in my car in which I’ve amassed those things I like
I can’t compare myself to other girls, now move move move

Friday leaving through the large gate, the tears appear as soon as I shut my car door
Drip dripping relentlessly, there’s no reason nor meaning
My body filled up over the week, I safely ended the week of work
Well then, run on in my worn-out car, to the next city or world, anywhere

From this light brown town with deer, monkeys, and bears prowling about
There’s no way the world will look back on me no matter what I shout out, right
From this light brown town with deer, monkeys, and bears prowling about
A world that looks back at the words of a thirty-something girl is probably no good
Although I understand this in my heart, I write in magic marker on the back of my hand
There are people that tell me “write!” There are people that tell me “sing!”
Although being alone is scary? Fawning on guys, making a family, becoming a mother
Although you want to be happy?
Today as well there’s something written on the back of my hand

Well then, sing, I’ve met so many people
Well then, sing, of what I’ve received from those that have died
Well then, sing, of the beautiful hearts left behind by the people of another generation
Sleep 3 Hours Sleep 3 Hours