Onna no Yuujou (A Woman's Friendship)

A woman’s friendship is hard to understand
Is what can be seen true, or is what is unseen true?
Cute, beautiful, colorful, an ideal image follows them around so
a woman’s friendship is easily buried

More than dinner they love sweet things, but always in the middle of a diet
Picking pink over green, unable to miss the fluffy and sparkly
Going between heaven and hell nonchalantly with a single word
Reserving everything for the camera, a realist more than a dreamer

Relying more on intuition rather than logic and history, but harmony is most important
Reading facial expressions in the moment, able to change like a chameleon
Thinking themselves cute, caring about their environment, wanting words, sympathizing
Once they’ve started talking they’re like a small bird, but avoiding putting their heart on display

Cha cha cha cha Cha cha cha cha

Girls know best these complexities
That hated word “girlish,” but we’ve been aiming for that
We played house when as kids
We held our stuffed animals tightly to protect them during storms
Knowing our small bodies, protecting rather than hunting, always staying by others

In the midst of malicious gossip, the middle of an unescapable loop
If women raised to be strong pour in their love we’ll be unrivalled
Ever since I met them in this difficult world I don’t get the least bit rattled
This world like cotton candy will become strong like a hard candy

Friendship with women is slimmer than ham
It's not really like that
It’s not something without worth