Meshiagare (Eat Up)

Past thirty with my luggage under arm, the scent of my home flows into my lungs
There’s one reason, one reason, I put it down in the hall and come to this room

If I recall myself back then staying behind in that room, I’d give some reason
I left my parents and took the luggage before my eyes right now
After I moved, I heard Hana lost all the hair from her legs to her stomach
The footsteps reverberated strongly, I wonder if they noticed
Still unmarried and without their grandchild, the music I love is still just something I love
Without money or anything, this lame me came back

I was hateful of being like my mom, always noticing trivial things
But I wonder if everyone, because of stuff like that, comes to know happiness
I thought that my short father that didn’t talk much wasn’t thinking of anything but
he thought of everyone without flattering them, without one complaint he headed to retirement

My parents are old and are starting to wear down, being taken care of at the hospital
I’ve brought them pajamas, toothbrushes, shavers, and my CDs

It’s the first time living with just my mom, I take care of closing the windows and doors
We’re talking more than before but she hasn’t cried once
Hana has lost more hair, the sound of footsteps resounds so
I can’t hear her quiet voice so, I wonder if she’s noticed
Somehow everything has become so important to me, my younger brother comes around often
The flowers in the garden blossomed beautifully and I’m a little bit happier
My mom says “eat up” in her cute voice

I’ll make my dad talk a little more about when he worked
I won’t tell my mom how pleasant it is to have dinner with her

Standing here in the kitchen with my mom is heavier than my luggage when I turned thirty
There’s one reason, one reason, if only I had understood this