Joshitachi (Women)

If we start chatting we won’t be able to finish on this record
If we start worrying it’ll just be like a record spinning on; Us thoughtful women

I can’t recall when it was
If you fall out of your circle of friends, the gossip will follow
In this kind of world, cry and smile
Cry and smile strongly, fleetingly

This defenseless “weak me,” when I get close I say No
Putting on armor this “strong me” will be found out as weak

In this bathtub with flowers floating and a sweet scent; today,
as I hug my legs and admire my tears, tomorrow came

As I bounce between everything my skirt also sways
“Someday you’ll see” I cry only in front of the mirror
One by one they slip through my long eyelashes
These things scorched into my eyes falling to the bath tub

Spinning round and round like a record
Round and round like a record....

What kind of woman is NakamuraEmi, I see, she’s a local vocalist
“Hey, what kind of music are you doing?” Um, that’s the question that gives me the most trouble
But I’m doing lame music, I’m numb I can’t stop, it’s alright
At the bottom and top it’s a tournament, that’s the location of heaven or hell
The start and end’s got a sensation, Around here’ll be my turning point
You’re tired of looking, right? At this rotation; Well, where is that perfect line
As I stagger on this untraveled path, I only cry in front of the mirror
Round and round, continue singing
Even if I have no microphone I’ll scream out