Bakemono (Shapeshifter)

That person can't make me happy
I know it's my fault that
the world seems so scary

Work, society, myself, and the fight, the world says women are fine
Although I hold back I really want to say "but..."
I thought I'd washed away my anxieties in the bath
Putting my makeup and hair right, with a chocolate bar in my hand I venture out today too

My woman's perseverance given by god
Sometimes I turn it into patience
sometimes I turn it into virtue
Perfection looked terribly beautiful
But I mistakenly just put a puzzling lock on myself

I thought I'd be alright if I'd been bitten by a stray dog
Tears swelling up in my eyes on the train home, I can't let them fall
I thought I had washed them away in the bath, am I really going to keep on going tomorrow?

That time I fretted thinking "it's the end of my 20s, what am I to do!" is so nostalgic
It was a time when my prudence and shyness began to be becoming of me but
I expelled my my heels and purses out the front door
When I put on my underwear and took off my hair tie I felt liberated
I want to put on a t-shirt and jeans and fall asleep
I want to eat meat over vegetables
Hiding my bad skin only causes it to get worse
I want to cry "but..."
To survive as a woman I rolled up my weeknesses and threw them away but
unfortunately even those weakenesses made up who I am
Neglecting my makeup and hair, and chocolate in one hand and coffee in the other
Shall I try to work hard tomorrow too, feeling like I've finally been able to wash it away

My woman's ability to codeswitch given by god
It's just like magic
It already seems like my answer
A woman will change in an instant
Take a good look, you've gotta pay attention
I guess you could call a woman a shapeshifer?
What can make me happy
is extremely dreadful
It's my puzzling self