Wa-ka-inzada-kunesu (Walker in the Darkness)
My Hair is Bad

6am the alarm clock goes on endlessly
The ghosts of the American forces saluting at morning assembly
Mayday Mayday I want to take a break
Thick makeup, a must that I’ve made routine
Disinterested and expressionless, I’m generally a first-class at overtime
Lift your spirits up until Sunday, no, yes, with pleasure

The inner tracks of Yamate-line
People, people, people, people, people, covered in people it’s so dear
TSUM TSUM during rush hour?
I’m going to connect and erase you, point up
There’s sushi, push on, great
Oh no, I’m going to get off, Don’t touch me
Hey, God, treat me to some food

Everyday I’m at my limit
Even so angels and devils work together

What size? What pose? What kind of composition?
What’s the necessary content? What’s your contact information? What about the corrections?
Where’s your seal? Are you okay? Excuse me?
You know you’re not a student anymore, right?
Are you awake? Do you have Intel inside?
If you’re dying, dying’s okay but
you’re not going to get any overtime pay

Our company is really pretty terrible
B.L.A.C.K a.k.a a dark empire of flattery and fawning upon
bosses just letting lose farts, I’m trying to be a good kid

I try to put out my hand and I upset the pace
The worst, atrocious, all a disaster, be useful for something important
But hey, if you quit what’re you going to do?
Hey, God, just give me something

Everyday I’m at my limit
Even so angels and devils work together

Living for work
Working to live
Hey, why am I here?
If there is a heaven I’m absolutely positively fine with going there as is
Come pick me up in a Nissan Cedric

Thick makeup is sleazy
Light makeup means you’ve got no determination
If you don’t use makeup you’ve got no confidence
No no no no, there’s no way out
In the end it’s all up to me
I read that like every month
I want to rest, I want to go home, I want to give up
But I’ll press on, ‘cause I don’t want to lose
Hey, God, take a good look

Everyday I’m at my limit
Even so angels and devils work together

One for work, Two for work, if that’s the case I’ll be first-class