Horonesu (Hollowness)

You say “it’ll get better soon”
Now that I think of it, it became
a sweet trap

Today as always I’m actualized by other’s ideals
Fabrication, Falsehood, False image, Impartiality
I was built up around it all

Those that are honest are boys who cried wolf
Those that lie will eventually play the victim card
It’s time to start my crocodile tears

No (ah) this kind of three-dimensionality
Makes me want to run away
That’s just the way it is

To virtualize a lie
An unscientific status quo and fictitious speech
Anything was alright
Love me, love me
Words won’t heal me anymore
Stay by my side a little longer
The insufficient proof of my life scars, it scars
Take my place, please
My Doppelgänger inside the mirror

Nothing fleeting is forever
Everything, that’s right, is better off fiction
Well then, don’t you want
to close your eyes?

Lalala …

Hunched over by the side of the balance scales
You laughed at me saying I no longer have a place
You said even if I want to return I can’t anymore

I didn’t know the weight
of one single word

Be my sacrifice
Where did my Ideal Mirror vanish to

In a completely changed appearance
A fabricated smile appears on me

You’ll breathe in another lie
and spew another new fabrication, right?
I can’t become like them, just a mere vessel
Everything fabricated in their Ideal Mirror

I wanted to break it but I couldn’t
My Ideal Mirror is only here
Without meaning I extended out my hand
into the mirror

To virtualize a lie
An unrealistic status quo and unreal mirror image
The boundary line that gradually vanished
Give it back, Send me home
I want you to let me try again one more time
The real thing is right here
“They’re different, it’s different”
Don’t love this illusion of me
Please don’t forget me
Thinking nostalgically I swear that

“I won’t lie to you again. You have my word.”