Akai Ito (Red String)

We met here together for the first time this day two months ago
You were my first sweet girlfriend, I still didn’t know how to kiss
I made a note of this little trifling anniversary on my calendar
When I ask “what day is today?” you replied after a little bewilderment

“It’s my last boyfriend’s birthday” you answer, your smiling face vexed
When I hear that I want to plug up my ears, but surely
I’m no match for the three years of memories you made with him
Even so, although I love you so much, we pass each other by too many times

We only have these interactions in which we fail to understand each other; rather than have this repeat
It’s better we don’t meet until your heart can give an answer
‘Cause whether it’s tomorrow or five years from now, I will always be waiting here for you
Let’s make a promise and let’s connect our hearts tightly with the red string of fated love

The flower that was just a bud at that time is already adorned with beautiful colors
Fall has passed, we’ve crossed winter and the flower has withered completely; It reflects me now

The time just passed by cruelly, I’m at a total loss; On the back of my eyelids
I envision you walking with someone else...
I felt like we would never meet again
And even more, I feel I should continue on without meeting you
As I held down my chest that felt like it was going to burst, the answer I believed in now came

“Will you meet me?” said your letter in those honest words
I’ll run to you, tears overflowing; I’m going to you, to that place so
don’t cry, today is our one year anniversary so
let’s celebrate; for the red string of love that bound us did not come undone

Don’t forget what we believe in while we focus only on our desire to be loved
Even a trip on which the goal is not visible will do
Let’s head out on the path we believe in with the person we love