Yami ni Me wo Koraseba (Once I Stared Into the Darkness)

The moon shows its face on the mountain’s surface of this picture of the night view
I’ve left on a journey to the dead of night

Insects that swarm together to the gaslight
congregate to set their lives aflame

I came to see once I stared into the darkness that if this is a paper mache loneliness,
like a diorama, I’ll destroy it with my intent

If the moon shines in through the rift in the clouds at the seashore
the stars will fall into the secret cove

I’m acting as if I’m on my own but
I really am aware of your outstretched hand

The willowy light tears the darkness to pieces and lights the way ahead
Inviting a great number of choices to come here

Once I stared into the darkness, the willowy light