Suiteki (Waterdrop)

Like plucking a blooming flower
Like following a broken thread
I gazed at the time that I cannot turn back to
I can’t reach you anymore

I know that much
but even so, why am I sad

I try to secretly collect the fallen
flower pedals but

they cannot be put back
The one that destroyed it is nobody in particular

The street I walk alone on is cruelly vast
It’s awfully sorrowful
I can’t get accustomed to losing something but
It all spills out
I’ll spill it all out

If it just becomes like this,
would it have been best we never met?

The stillness that lingers after I left
makes one feel further emptiness
but the feeling of having loved is
more precious than anything

The two of us were constrained
That’s alright, that’s just it
Like something without a reason
It was just that our lines didn’t cross

The wind after we passed each other by
quietly washed away to tomorrow

The warmth I reeled closer
become cold, little bit little

It can’t be changed
I can’t change it but
That’s alright
I don’t want to extinguish it
I won’t extinguish it