Odori (Dance)

Inside my eyes
as if squirming about
my consciousness fades
in quiet breaths

When I open my eyelids
let’s lock eyes
in a way so beautiful
it’d captivate anyone

A rose at the mouth
Drips of sin trickling down
suddenly letting slip through my hands
I’ll seize it at the edge of my eyes and never let go

Slipping off
Skin heats up
I feel the stares
The final stage approaches

Passing time slowly
Feel the gentle rhythm
It’s as if my billowing skirt
is polishing my body

The stillness envelopes
heating up, my cheeks taking on color
At the instant time stops
the hem of my skirt dances the final dance

A shaking palpitation
The stares head far away
The heart I feel
An empty space

Let’s dance
Face the end
Let’s dance
Gracefully radiate

Let’s dance
Pursue your prize