Nichijou (Everyday)

The lights stream through
the orange tunnel
I know that
life has ups and downs but

I hate today

There are days in which
I worry about what others said

I lose my confidence and
somehow don’t have the energy

I know that
it doesn’t really matter but

I’m so tired today
We have those kinds of days, right?

Like being steeped in the night
Like being buried in sheets
Like everything has stopped
I hate this hopeless me

I tell myself
to be an adult but

That’s still some way off
We have those kinds of days, right?

“If you wait
someday something good may happen

Bad things don’t
last for long”

I know that, so
I’ll quietly stand by
Even if I can’t muster the energy
I’m alright

The wounds deepen
The more I struggle

That’s alright occasionally, right?
Rest is also essential

Once time has passed
Once tomorrow has come
Perhaps something will change and
I’ll be able to step forward