Dorama (Drama)

It’s the end
Let’s stop it already

I still
Don’t want to know

I won’t tell of the conclusion

I repeat
the same thing

Isn’t it a mistake?
It’s alright even if a mistake

I’ve stumbled my way into a drama
It’s like there’s nobody else
I mistook myself
reflected in the mirror

and smiled

Did you know?
That there’s nothing

Even if I pretend and
go about as always

I can’t pretend
I don’t want to pretend

When tomorrow comes I wonder if it’ll change again
There’s probably no such thing as a certain thing
Staring into the swaying flame
If the wind blows
will it vanish?

In this mirror without anyone
I surely must’ve danced with somebody but
Before I’ve realized I’m alone
There’s no beginning
nor ending