Doshaburi (Downpour)

The lights change on the road to a candy color
I get soaked and again open my umbrella in the rain

I can hear the orchestra
Without a single pause, everything at an even keel
the downpour continues, and becomes an ocean somewhere far off

In the evening I wrote something like
“Ah, I don’t want you to tell me ‘good luck’
but I want you to praise me at every turn”

The splash, splash, remains ringing
How should I say it?
When I’m all alone
in the midst of the rain

The taxis of the street, spraying water
Conceal everything, everything
The lost music notes scatter about

Ah, notice it, the color of the wall, the color of the shoes
But you’re not in this town
Right, I know that distinctly

The splash, splash, remains ringing
I whistle, unheard by anyone
But at least let me act proud
Just me

The splash, splash, remains ringing
Let me keep listening to the orchestra
I can’t return to anywhere as I am
In the middle of the rain