Dokoka he (To Somewhere)

Even if I make an enemy of the world, I don’t care
On a cold day let’s talk about our dreams, resting my chin on my hands
Somehow, while I stare at you
I’m left hanging and embarrassed
We exchange these words unknown to anyone
between the two of us, just the two of us

Even if everything in front of
our eyes goes black, I’ll be there for you

I’ve put all the letters from you
away into a drawer

But even now please
just give me a bit of your warmth

The sky is so clear that I’m at a loss
My heart is blowing in the wind

Even if there is no chance to be together forever
I’ll pretend to not know
I’ll jump onto the last train to you so
when you open the door I’ll hug you tightly

Hey, smile a little
Let’s go out tomorrow, to somewhere