Otona no Okite (The Adult Code)
Doughnuts Hole

In the pitch black, I release a single vanishing sigh
The cold dark night swallows my hope and hides it
What shall I sing with my pure white breath and pure motivations
with my voice numbed by the cold? A lie or the truth

Love, hate, want
They’re all just words to make us feel good
Ah, it’s appropriate to make things black or white
..Although it’s the spell of destruction..

I thought if I just memorize a brand new children’s textbook
I would just choose between the right answers and the wrong

I’m living by the stage directions
I’ve got this habit of not getting used to adlibbing
The things I want to say are overflowing, it’s a madhouse
..Although it’s just when I’m in front of you..

I want to let go of this knowledge I hold between my hands
I wonder how light I’d feel
The armor and curse of my words, everything
If only I could tear it off and remove it, then once more
the two of us could meet

Love, hate, want
If I could just blurt it out I wonder how it’d be
Ah, I dread making it black or white
..If only I could live sincerely..
That’s right, life is long, the world is wide
We that have found freedom are grey
Becoming happy, becoming unhappy
Only the inside of our confused hearts in panic
..Adults keep secrets..