Tsugou no Ii Onna no Uta (Song of a Woman of Convenience)
Mao Abe

I’ve noticed you, I’ve noticed your feelings
It’s too simple but I acted like I didn’t know
Then my heart started to flutter, I noticed your feelings and
I chose another person

But you know, something is different, something is different
For some reason I yearned for your simple acknowledgements while we talked

And then I did something sly, I noticed your feelings
I was so lonely, I gave you a call
Just as usual you noticed my feelings
and then laughed for me

And then I noticed it, I noticed it
That I was already too late for anything and everything

That’s right, I’ve lost something, I’ve let something slip through
I’ve personally let go of something more important than anything else

After that the days flowed by, you and I were the same as ever
I’d fawn upon you and make you fawn upon me
At such a time you said “I started dating a girl”
I was lost for words

It dirtied my conceit and the friend zone we were in
I felt ashamed of my own convenience

Ah, I’ve finally lost it, I’ve finally let it slip through
I’ve finally let go of somebody more important than anything else

Although I knew that this kind of day would come
But I want what is special to you to be only me

It’s like this so I’ve lost it, I’ve let you slip through
No matter how much I try to regret it, what I’ve let go of is myself