Me-ru no Oshiri ni Ha-to Ma-ku
(A heart mark on the butt-end of your mail)
Mao Abe

A heart mark on the butt-end of your mail
What is the true intention of this?
At the end of your sweet words you write “lol”
Are you joking? Are you serious? Which one is it?

It’s been two and a half months since we started messaging each other
Your replies usually come after around three days

Saying things like “I was sleeping” or “I was so busy” in succession
...well then don’t use a heart!!!

But your reply yesterday came at an all-time quickest turnaround of 25 hours
Lately you’ve been using more emoji, somehow or other I feel a favorable wind blowing

A heart mark on the butt-end of your mail

This is victory or defeat; a girl works up her bravery to boldly invite someone out to eat
“I didn’t read the time right,” “I have a plan,” “I have to work late so let’s meet next time”
I embrace the futility of it all and the night wears on

Shyness and regret: after how many times must they repeat before I’m at ease?
I get so scared of the reply to the mail I send that I turn off my phone again and go to sleep

A heart mark on the butt-end of your mail
Nevertheless I don’t let it discourage me and I send my replies
If you don’t hit upon love that breaks apart, you won’t move forward
If you don’t press forward, love that would come true won’t come true