The day I leave this house I grew accustomed to living in has come
I’m still bewildered by setting off on this new trip

In the bus heading to the train station
I sent a message to my friend

In the morning at the platform I also tried calling
But something felt different

I brought one old guitar
And left all my pictures behind

I relinquish something and obtain something else.
I wonder, does this just repeat over and over?

My shows of courage always continue in my dreams
But when I become timid, they get broken there

I started to cry a little
in the train as it set off

I wished that the town that continued on
just outside the window will not change

The person that gave me this old guitar
said that Tokyo is a scary place

I have already given up on searching for answers
It’s okay if my life is full of mistakes

The red sunset was interrupted by the buildings
Even if I hold back my tears

Each time the next morning comes
There will be things that make us hesitate, right?

I can’t choose only the correct thing
I understand that much