I noticed on this night for a rendezvous
I ask myself, reflected in the mirror
with a face unable to be serene in this white coat
Do you really have any expectations?
I rush
along the highway,
unable to catch a cab, ah

Not having an umbrella
happens quite often
Dripping wet
walking on this Christmas Eve
I can’t blame anyone else
It’s a story I drew by my own accord
I just want a little bit of happiness
You won’t come...
I know that
Silent Night

I'm not good with people that worry about the time
Memories I continued to lose float by
No matter what you can’t get rid of the past
Don’t lament it forever
It’s nothing special
‘Cause no matter how many times it repeats
I always lose my way at the same spot

You say it’s no lie
Stop your lies
I don’t know the truth
of this episode
I’m getting used to being hurt
You say I’m inconsistent
I took it all
I didn’t have the courage to destroy it all
You won’t come...
All alone
Silent Night

Show Window
I saw my future lined up
Just like those days

I yearned for
That Candle vaguely reflected

This is goodbye, right?

This rain will some time
Turn to powdery snow
When I’ll quietly
wrap up my sorrow

I’ll meet a new hope

I always
enjoyed this Holy Night
Adults feel a little
lonely so

it’s alright to cry
This Silent Night of the beginning