Taifuu 18 Gou (Typhoon #18)

My still heart got caught up in the storm, although I was generally able to control it
‘Cause there’s no newspaper or TV, the weather forecast is by word of mouth

My wandering heart in Typhoon #18, it’s as if it’ll blow it out, it’s as if it’ll ridicule me
If I’m going to fold in this wind, I’m not going to let it blow

Just before my beloved summer
’Cause there’s no newspaper or TV, it’s my prediction, rather than word of mouth, that’s spot on

There are many forms of “Goodbye” but it is what it is
Without talking back I pack my boxes and clear the dust, I’m a dignified woman

So that not choosing me is the correct thing to you
So that me not being chosen is the correct thing to me

Bitter coffee drip dripping, lapping against my body
Today my smartphone seems to be working faster than I am
I scroll through the walls of text, deleting them as if I’ve read them
I intended to live like ‘No music, No life’ but now I can’t listen to any music
I feel like now I’ll even overlook the vibrant traffic lights, so
I head to a new area of the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway in a haze doing 60km/h
I should just head out somewhere, someplace, anywhere, just as is, but
Surely I’ll return, cool down my eyes, and probably appear at tomorrow’s meeting

Beautiful memories sometime leave one’s heart torn
As I tell myself I’m not crying, the tears drip drip
This stuff that suddenly comes flowing out, I’ll wash it off in the shower
Deceiving, deceiving, wash it off

Uh Ah

Uh Ah You left this memory with me
Uh Ah Of course I think you’re amazing, but
Uh Ah I wonder if I’ll
ever be happy enough to forget this

I wonder if I’ll ever be happy