Monokuro-mu (Monochrome)

I don’t intend to
give worthless excuses but

I knew
those things that won’t satisfy me

But I’m trying to fly
I feel like
someday I’ll be able to break out

I want to think so
I just faked it on these days where
feelings of disgust pierced me
and ran on

(Oh oh) It’s the show time (show time)
(No oh) Give it up for material Girls (hooo)
Gucci Fendi Louis Vuitton
and CHANEL, more (I want them all)
All without restraint, name the price
How much exactly are you worth?
in an age you can’t measure one’s worth without
Gucci Fendi Louis Vuitton

Born in Japan, a developed nation
What’d I think I could change things with something like a song?
Struck by the stormy seas called reality
What I came to know is “life is about winning or losing”
Can you do it before you’re done for?
If you’re the loser can you get used to it?
All day All night why doesn’t it end
Time, even today, is in short supply

I just hurt with an anxious pain
Feeling unsatisfied and jealous of others
I just really can’t understand those
that smile with just what they’ve got (Look at yourself)

I hate this bitter me
Friendship is a waste of time, I don’t need it
They don’t know my value
Emotions are annoying, I don’t need them

But I’m trying to fly
to the end of the world
I pursued it in a daze but
I couldn’t reach it
I hid my miserable self
and continued pretending
but I can’t say it

someday the spun out seed
coated hard with lies
crawls higher and higher up the wall
to protect itself
why’d it dry out?
What’d you obtain? Happiness
amidst no longer
being able love yourself

In this darkness
without end

I noticed
no matter how much
I cry out
It’s no use

But it doesn’t stop

Even so, still,
I feel like I’ll become free
and continue singing
I’ll even laugh at
my miserable self

and just look forward